Diadem Leaf-Nosed Bat in Frame (Hipposideros diadema)

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The Hipposideros diadema are named for their complex anterior nose leaf, which is horseshoe-shaped and located on the slightly inflated nasal region. This nose shaped evolved to assist in echolocation, adding the noseleaf and the associated intricate musculature to help the nose resonate more effectively.

With a heavy body and long, narrow wings, the Hipposideros diadema is adept at fast flight but has relatively poor maneuvering ability. It has adapted to foraging in gaps in forests, such as around tree falls or above rivers. Only male bats are used for taxidermy purposes to allow the females to reproduce.

Adult Hipposideros weighs between 30 and 50 grams and has a wingspan of 15-22cm.

Species: Hipposideros diadema
Origin: Indonesia
Frame: 8” x 12” with Glass

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I have been collecting and producing taxidermy for over 10 years and ensure all product are museum standard. I personally preserve, spread and mount all insect displays in my studio here in London. I use high quality frames  handmade in the UK.

Each specimen may slightly vary from the photos as nature is unique. The specimen I work with are not rare or endangered and come either insect farming programs (often run by governments or conservation groups), breeders and sustainable sources. For more information, please see our ethics page.

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