Mastiff Bat in Frame (Otomops formosus)


The Javan mastiff bat is a species of bat in the family Molossidae endemic to Indonesia. Its echolocationary squeaks, which are inaudible to humans in most bats, can be heard from up to 300 m (980 ft) away. During the day they form colonies of less than 100. Unlike most North American bats, they do not undergo either migration or prolonged hibernation, but are periodically active all winter.

It feeds on insects, up to 80% of which are moths. It will often drop down and forage on the ground with its tail sticking up.

The mastiff bat has a body length of 5.5 to 7.5 in (14 to 19 cm) and a wingspan of over 22 in (56 cm).

Species: Otomops formosus
Origin: Indonesia
Frame: 8” x 12” with Glass

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I have been collecting and producing taxidermy for over 10 years and ensure all product are museum standard. I personally preserve, spread and mount all insect displays in my studio here in London. I use high quality frames  handmade in the UK.

Each specimen may slightly vary from the photos as nature is unique. The specimen I work with are not rare or endangered and come either insect farming programs (often run by governments or conservation groups), breeders and sustainable sources. For more information, please see our ethics page.

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