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Death’s-Head Hawkmoth in Frame (Acherontia lachesis)


Five-Horned Rhino Beetle in Frame (Eupatorus gracilicornis)


Small Tarantula Spider in Frame (Haplopelma Minax)


Sunset Moth in Frame (Urania ripheus)


Ornate Green Charaxes in Frame (Charaxes subornatus)


King Swallowtail in Frame (Papilio thoas)


Gecko Skeleton in Frame


Cicadae in Frame (Angamiana floridula)


Purple Swallowtail in Frame (Graphium weiskei)


Silence of the Lambs – Death Head Moth


Framed Hanging Painted Bat (Kerivoula picta)


Fighting Stag Beetle in Frame (Hexarthrius parryi paradoxus)


Jungle Nymph in Frame (Heteropteryx dilatata)


Striped Tiger in Frame (Danaus genutia)


Taxidermy Magpie Bird Wings with Heron Skull in Frame


Apricot Sulphur in Frame (Phoebis argante)


Coiled Taxidermy Viper Snake Skeleton in Frame (Trimeresurus albolabris)


Monarch Butterfly in Frame (Danaus plexippus)


Death’s-Head Hawkmoth in Dome (Acherontia lachesis)


Flying Lizard in Frame (Draco volan)